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Home away from home, with a spectacular view

RV and boating adventures combine incredible surroundings, experiences of a lifetime, and all the comforts of home. Your family and friends will enjoy those adventures even more with reliable, high-quality, and properly maintained RV and marine generators from a true generator expert. Located in Ft. Lauderdale and serving all of South Florida, Don Hillman, Inc. has spent nearly half a century specializing in the sales, service, repairs, and installations of RV and marine generators.

The right generator for your adventures

Recreational vehicles need to be ready for all types of conditions, such as rough terrain, altitude changes, and extreme weather. Marine vessels are constantly exposed to corrosive salt water, and a variety of water and weather conditions. RV and marine generators are required to perform in all of these conditions, keeping the internal systems functioning, the AC and appliances running, and even your laptop and electronics powered. RV and marine adventures demand generators that perform. The service technicians at Don Hillman, Inc. understand the unique requirements of recreational vehicles and marine crafts, and have the extensive training and experience to keep your quality RV and marine generators in proper working condition.

You can trust the experienced and specially trained team at Don Hillman, Inc. to:

  • Professionally evaluate your recreational vehicle and marine vessel system requirements,
  • Carefully factor in your additional kilowatt usage needs,
  • Consider any special requirements, such as emissions and National Park Service noise limits,
  • Match your fuel, size, and performance needs with quality, reliable generators from trusted manufacturers, such as Kohler, Cummins / Onan, and Powertech, and
  • Install, service, repair, and maintain the ideal generators for your RV and marine craft.

Service Says it All

Your RV and marine generators deserve the very best in experience, training, knowledge, and convenience, and the service team at Don Hillman, Inc. fits the bill. The RV-sized service area at Don Hillman, Inc. allows you to drive recreational vehicles of all shapes and sizes in for routine maintenance, system repairs, parts, and installations. Keep your boat in the water, and let the highly trained service team at Don Hillman, Inc. come to you, with dock-side service for repairs, routine maintenance, parts, and installation. In-house or on the water, the specially trained technicians will perform the Don Hillman 52-Point Inspection to verify that every part of your RV and marine generators are in good working condition. When the unexpected happens, you can count on Don Hillman, Inc. to do everything possible to get your generator back up and running.

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Enjoy your RV and marine adventures with reliable, high-quality, and properly maintained RV and marine generators from a true generator expert. Please contact us today and join the many South Florida recreational vehicle and marine craft owners that trust Don Hillman, Inc. to satisfy their RV and marine generator needs.

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