South Florida Residential Generators

You Can’t Control the Weather in South Florida…

…but you can control what happens because of it. Your home is your safe haven. You can make it even safer with a quality residential generator. Protect your perishables, keep your appliances running, and make your home comfortable and livable in bad weather. Don Hillman, Inc. , located in Fort Lauderdale and serving the communities of South Florida, has the knowledge and experience to help you choose the ideal residential generator to keep your home safe and secure when the weather is at its worst.

Keep the Lights On

Power outages are at best inconvenient, and at worst damaging to your expensive electronics, appliances, and air conditioning system. Today’s generators can register within seconds when there has been a power interruption. An immediate switch is made, and your power needs are now met by the generator. When power is restored, the generator again senses this, and your power needs are reverted back to your utility. Residential generators can be the convenient, reliable solution to your needs when the power goes out.

For over forty years, Don Hillman, Inc. has worked closely with customers to match their back-up power needs with residential generators of the best value and quality. You need power for important home systems, such as cooling, lighting, and refrigeration. To satisfy your power requirements, you need a reliable company with the experience and knowledge necessary to determine how to best utilize a generator in your residence. The team at Don Hillman, Inc. works directly with customers to:

  • Evaluate your power requirements,
  • Help you decide which home systems are absolutely essential in the event of an outage,
  • Guide you in selecting a generator of the correct size and features to satisfy your home power needs, and
  • Keep your generator in good working order.

The skilled technicians will install your generator with the same dedication to care, quality, and customer satisfaction that customers throughout Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, as well as Monroe and Palm Beach Counties, have come to expect from Don Hillman, Inc.

There When You Need It

The power goes out, and the generator turns on. That’s what is supposed to happen. But failing to keep your generator in good working condition means it will not work when you need it. Don Hillman, Inc. knows that the service performed on your residential generator is just as important as the generator itself. Let the experienced technicians perform the Don Hillman 52-Point Inspection, and ensure your generator is ready to perform. The Service Department at Don Hillman, Inc. is also there when you need it, with 24-hour emergency call service throughout South Florida, from Boca Raton to Ft. Lauderdale, to Miami and beyond.

What Quality Looks Like

Whether you live in a 2 bedroom home, a 10,000 square foot mansion, or somewhere in between, Don Hillman, Inc. has the experience and knowledge to assist you in choosing the right generator for your home’s needs. Our team of licensed contractors perform the installation to the highest standards of workmanship and customer satisfaction. Please view our gallery of projects, highlighting the very best in residential generator installations.

Contact Us

Keep your family and your belongings protected and comfortable during bad weather and power outages. Please contact us today and join the many South Florida customers who trust Don Hillman, Inc. to satisfy their residential generator needs.

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