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As the Condominium Board or Property Manager, your residents are counting on you to make the best decisions for their safety and comfort, while acting in a fiscally responsible manner. You must weigh decisions about investing in large scale expenditures, such as a quality Condo generator system, against the cost of doing so, and leaving your residents exposed to power outages, safety violations, and potentially dangerous conditions. You need a partner who will guide you in choosing the best Condo generator for your community’s needs, and will provide reliable, 24 Hour Emergency Call-Out Service to make sure that your Condo generator is fully operational when you need it most. That partner is Don Hillman, Inc, one of South Florida’s premier Condo Generator Sales and Service providers.

Powering Safety Systems

A Condo generator system is absolutely necessary for the safety of the residents in your community. At the most basic level, local building codes in Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach Counties require that a condominium maintain specific life safety systems, such as

  • Fire panels,
  • Fire pumps,
  • Sprinkler systems,
  • Elevators,
  • Stairway lighting, and
  • Alarm systems.

All of these systems are vital to allowing residents egress during an emergency, allowing the fire department and emergency services access to all areas of the community, and maintaining power to the fire- fighting equipment, such as pumps and sprinkler systems. Don Hillman, Inc. has the experience and knowledge to properly install and maintain the Condo generator that supports the life safety systems in your condominium community.

Livability and Comfort

Along with ocean breezes and sunshine, South Florida has its share of high temperatures and wild weather. For matters of convenience and livability, it is advisable to offer your residents at least one circuit loop per unit that is generator supported. This loop would allow the refrigerator, air conditioning, hot water heater, and hurricane shutters to remain fully powered and operational during a power outage, such as those due to bad weather. Residents of your condominium will be able to weather a power outage in comfort and protect their perishables. Don Hillman, Inc. can assist you in establishing generator service for dedicated circuit loops within the units, and guide you in selecting the quality Condo generator that best matches your power requirements.

Luxury Real Estate

Residents in cities like Miami know that living in a luxury condominium community comes with high-end perks. One of these perks is never being without power. Luxury buildings have extremely powerful Condo generators that are able to power all systems in the community. Complete power back up is a major selling feature, and is even expected by residents who invest in high-end condominium real estate. Don Hillman, Inc. is among the few elite South Florida providers with experience in managing installations and maintaining huge kilowatt condo generator systems, keeping everything up and running for your discerning residents.

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The experienced team at Don Hillman, Inc. works with Condominium Boards and Property Managers to properly select and coordinate installing the quality Condo generators. The reliable Service Department is always available with 24-Hour Emergency Call-Out Service, and the Don Hillman 52-Point Inspection verifies that every part of your Condo generator is in proper operating condition.

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